Ultima Digital OTC Dual Channel TENS Unit with Timer by Blue Jay


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Ultima Digital OTC Dual Channel TENS Unit with Timer by Blue Jay

  • ELECTROTHERAPY RELIEF FOR CHRONIC OR ACUTE PAIN: Chronic or acute muscle and joint pain can really interfere with your daily life (or even worse weekend fun!) but it can be hard to find the time or money to regularly go to the doctor or therapist?s office. Reusable medical electrodes can be used to directly target problem areas in order to treat arthritis-related pain joint and muscle pain and it even offers lower back pain relief?all at your own convenience
  • MUSCLE STIMULATOR TO TREAT PAIN: Your body is tough?it can work through pain and uses its many resources to heal itself. But we all know that sometimes it needs a little help. Through the use of the TENS unit electrodes electrical pulses pass through the skin and stimulate the nerves in affected areas. It not only blocks pain signals from reaching your brain but it triggers the release of endorphins?your body?s natural pain fighters
  • SAFE OVER THE COUNTER PAIN RELIEF: Electrostimulation might sound slightly frightening but be assured that it is a safe way to receive some much-needed pain relief
  • The Ultima OTC is sold without the need for a prescription
  • In fact unlike addictive pain medications that can keep you dependent on them for relief electrode stimulation is a non-addictive way to get treatment and help your body with its natural healing processes
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FOR YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS: No two bodies are alike and neither are their pain. The Ultima OTC TENS unit has 8 preset modes making it quick and easy for you to find the setting that is right for you. The intensity of the electrode stimulation can be easily adjusted to your comfort level even in the middle of a treatment session.
  • STANDOUT FEATURES OF THE DEVICE: It’s convenient to have a unit with professional quality medical electrodes but it needs to be easy to use for the average person
  • Have no fear the Ultima OTC has an easy to read backlit LCD screen that clearly shows text and body diagram
  • Pause and play buttons let you start and stop treatment as needed while the front closing door protects the controls so you won’t accidentally change the settings while you use the device
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Comes with 2 AA batteries





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