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ViveSole Hammer Toe Splint

Perfect aid for hammer, claw, mallet, velociraptor, and bent-under toe correction. Helps to eliminate pain caused by metatarsal and forefoot pain by cushioning ball; supporting toes. Extra thick silicone gel provides ultimate cushion and supports your feet all day long.


  • Hammertoe Pain Relief
    Soft silicone straightener supports toes by providing soft gel cushioning underneath and gentle realignment of the second toe. The hammer toe crest also eliminates irritating friction and relieves pressure on sore toes.
  • Comfortably Wear In Shoes
    Provides comfortable all day relief from painful hammered, claw curling, mallet or hammertoes. Cushioned support also eases metatarsal and forefoot pain for an effective non-invasive alternative to corrective surgery.
  • Flexible Loops Fit Most Toes
    Flexible toe loops allow the hammer toe crest to fit over most toes to provide comfortable support and gentle correction. Crest can be used by men or women and with or without shoes.
  • Premium Silicone Gel Won’t Flatten Out
    Constructed with a soft silicone gel, the hammer toe crest will not flatten out like felt or foam crests. The premium silicone gel also repels sweat and is easy to clean for added convenience. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What’s Included:
    • Two individual pads
    • 60 day guarantee
    • One Size Fits All
  • Uses:
    • Cushion the ball of the foot and support the toes to reduce pain caused by hammered, claw curling, mallet or hammertoes.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 2.5”
    • Width: .875”
    • Height: 1.125”
  • Materials:
    • Silicone gel
    • Washing Instructions:
    • Hand wash using cool water and mild soap or disinfectant
    • Air dry or use a soft towel


  • How do I put the hammer toe crest on?

Place the loop on your second toe so that the larger end of the pad under your large toe.

  • Can I wear the hammer toe crest under socks and shoes?

Yes, you can wear the pad under socks and shoes.

  • Can anyone use the hammer toe crest?

Yes, both men and women can use the pads.

  • How many crests will I receive?

You will receive two pads, one for your right foot and one for your left.

  • Does the hammer toe crest relieve pain from claw curling?

Yes, the pad will treat many painful toe conditions including claw curling.

  • Does the hammer toe crest relieve pain from mallet toe?

Yes, the pad will treat many painful toe conditions including mallet toe.

  • Will the hammer toe crest work on either foot?

You will receive one pad for the right foot and one pad for the left foot.

  • How does the hammer toe crest work?

The pad helps to stretch your toes out and relieve the pain caused by these conditions that tighten the tendons and ligaments in your toes.

  • Can I use the hammer toe crest on the baby toe?

No, this pad is designed to use on the middle toe and big toe.

  • Does the hammer toe crest straighten my big toe?

It will gently straighten the big toe and second toe and cushion all of your toes.

  • Does the hammer toe crest relieve friction and pressure?

Yes, the pad will relieve irritating friction and painful pressure while cushioning your toes.

  • Does the hammer toe crest fit in all types of shoes?

Yes, the slim design will fit in most shoe types.

  • What are the dimensions of the hammer toe crest?

The pad is 2.5” lon



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