Vive Health Weighted Utensil Set


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Vive Health Weighted Utensil Set

This utensil set reduces frustration at mealtimes with the Vive stainless steel utensil set. Weighted to stabilize hand tremors and support weakened grips, the adaptive utensil set is ideal for those with Parkinson’s disease, essential tremors, Ataxia, and limited dexterity, allowing greater independence at every meal. Minimizing spills and mishaps, the weighted utensils are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit with durable, polished stainless steel. Restoring dignity and normalcy to meal times, this four-piece set includes a serrated table knife, a fork, a tablespoon, and a soup spoon that are all dishwasher-safe for added convenience.


  • Designed For Independent Mealtimes

Providing greater independence at mealtimes, the four-piece weighted tableware set reduces tremors due to Parkinson’s disease, ataxia, essential tremors, and weakened grip strength. Restoring dignity and normalcy, the polished stainless steel utensils are styled to be inconspicuous for confident use at home and on the go.

  • Versatile Four Piece Set

Designed for optimal functionality, the set includes a serrated table knife, a standard fork, a tablespoon, and a soup spoon; the adaptive, weighted utensil set reduces spills, splashes, and drops at every meal. The soup spoon also features a deep bowl to prevent spills and mishaps.

  • Ergonomic Weighted Design

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand, each piece of the adaptive set is weighted between 7.4 ounces to 7.9 ounces to provide extra stability for those with weak grip strength or limited dexterity. 

  • Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel

Constructed with premium stainless steel, the durable utensil set is also dishwasher safe for added convenience.


  • What’s Included:
    • 1pc soup spoon
      • 200.96g
      • 19.4cm length
    • 1pc standard spoon
      • 205.24g
      • 20.5cm length
    • 1pc fork
      • 184.92g
      • 20.5cm length
    • 1pc standard knife
      • 196.49g
      • 23.5cm length
    • 1pc fabric cover holder for trave
    • Vive stainless steel fork
    • Vive stainless steel standard spoon
    • Vive stainless steel soup spoon.l
  • Color(s): 
    • Black
    • Silver
  • Size: one size
  • Product Material: stainless steel
  • Latex free: yes
  • Care: hand wash or dish wash


  • We tested the black color in boiling water higher than the temp in dishwashers and there was no color bleeding or fading up until 150 hours which is a long time considering dishwashing on average is about 1 hour and you don’t dish wash each day. 


  • What is the weighted utensil set made of?

The set is fabricated from polished stainless steel.

  • Is the weighted utensil set latex-free?

Yes, the set is completely latex-free.

  • What is included in the weighted utensil set?

The set includes a knife, a fork, a tablespoon, and a soup spoon.



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