Vive Health Single Leg Elevation Pillow


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Vive Health Single Leg Elevation Pillow

Designed with a contoured channel for resting an injured leg, the Xtra-Comfort knee elevation pillow supports, elevates and stabilizes the knee, leg and ankle to relieve discomfort, swelling and fatigue. Providing 35 degrees of incline, the single knee wedge cushion is made with soft, yet resilient foam for optimal support while resting in a bed, recliner or on a sofa. The leg elevation pillow also includes a machine washable knit cover with a nonslip textured base to ensure the pillow stays securely in place while in use.


  • Support, Elevate And Immobilize
    Ideal for elevating the knee, leg and ankle following surgery or injury, the Xtra-Comfort knee elevation pillow provides stabilizing support with soft cushioning greater comfort. The single-leg elevation cushion can be used to support either the left or right leg, holding it in place with a wide, contoured channel that easily accommodates bandages and casts.

  • Optimal Incline And Elevation
    Properly positioning the knee, leg and ankle, the knee elevation pillow provides 35 degrees of incline, elevating the knee and calf 6.5”. The knee support wedge relieves swelling and fatigue to promote healing following ACL surgery, knee or hip replacement, as well as sprains, varicose veins, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and more. 

  • Resilient Foam Cushioning
    Constructed with high-density foam, the single-leg elevation cushion is soft and supportive. The resilient foam knee elevation pillow retains its shape for extensive use following leg, knee or hip surgery and during injury recovery providing optimal support and comfort.

  • Removable Nonslip Fabric Cover
    Featuring a nonslip, textured base, the Xtra-Comfort knee elevation pillow cover is simple to remove and machine washable for easy cleaning. The polyester knit cover is also soft and breathable for exceptional comfort. 

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What’s Included: 1pc knee elevation pillow with removable cover

  • Color(s): white cover

  • Size(s): one size

  • Product Dimensions: 32” x 13” x 9.5” 

  • Product Weight: 2.6 lbs

  • Material(s):

    •  100% polyester (250gsm Knitted fabric)

    • Polyurethane foam 25 Density

  • Latex free

  • Care:

    • Machine wash cover only cold with like colors.

    • Machine dry low. Spot clean foam

  • Use:

    • Ankle post surgery (support)

    • Knee post surgery (support)

    • Leg post surgery (support)


  • Removable cover

    • Breathable 

    • Machine washable

    • Latex free

Bottom zipper

  • Non-slip bottom silicone dots

  • Hexagonal patterned cover

  • 145 degree angle / 35 degrees at the bottom 

angles in image are outdated

  • Inner white foam – contoured to the leg’s natural bend

  • Can be used on left or right foot


  • Will the Xtra-Comfort knee elevation pillow work to elevate my leg following my hip replacement surgery?

Yes! The single leg elevation pillow is ideal for comfortably elevating the leg following hip replacement surgery.

  • Does the knee elevation cushion hold my knee in place?

Yes! The elevation cushion features a wide channel that stabilizes the knee, calf and ankle, minimizing movement to promote healing.

  • How high does the elevation pillow raise the leg up?

The Xtra-Comfort single leg elevation pillow raises the knee, calf and ankle approximately 6.5”.

  • Can I use the knee elevation cushion if my leg is in a cast?

Yes! The Xtra-Comfort elevation cushion features a wide leg channel that easily accommodates bandages and casts.



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