Vive Health Shoulder Support Brace


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Vive Health Shoulder Support Brace

Restricts unwanted movement, the Vive shoulder brace alleviates sprains and strains, dislocations, bursitis, tendonitis and rotator cuff injuries with stabilizing support and a soothing compression pad. The reversible shoulder is designed to easily fit under regular clothing and adjusts to comfortably fit most adults. Breathable for all-day comfort, the slim brace is constructed with a lightweight neoprene blend that is latex-free and machine washable.


  • Therapeutic Compression

Providing soothing, customizable compression, the shoulder brace relieves pain and increases circulation to promote healing

  • Stabilizing Shoulder Support

Minimizing the risk of re-injury, the shoulder brace limits the range of motion to promote natural healing

  • Reversible Fit

Easily adjusts to fit most adults on the left or right shoulder as needed

  • Includes Extender Strap

The included 8” extender strap can be used with the shoulder strap or arm strap for a more comfortable fit

  • Slim Design

Easily fits under regular or loose clothing with minimal visibility for a discreet look

  • Comfortable NEOPRENE BLEND

Temperature-regulating, latex-free blend is machine washable for greater convenience


  • What’s Included:
      • Vive Shoulder Brace
  • Uses: For relieving pain and stiffness in the shoulder due to strains, sprains, tendinitis, bursitis, dislocations
    • For restricting movement of the shoulder and upper arm to prevent reinjury
  • Materials:
      • Latex-free neoprene blend
      • Fastener system
      • Foam
  • Sizing:
    • Fits arm circumference up to 19.29” or 25.20” with extender strap
    • Fits chest circumference range of 30” to 49” or 56” with extender strap
    • Extender strap: 8”
  • Care Instructions:
    • Machine wash in cold water with like colors
    • Air dry or tumble dry low


  • Will this brace help with arthritis pain?

Because it minimizes movement of the shoulder and retains therapeutic heat, the Vive shoulder brace will work to relieve arthritis pain in the shoulder.

  • I need a shoulder replacement and need a brace in the interim. I am very thin, will this brace work for me?

This brace is fully adjustable to fit most adults with a minimum arm circumference of 8”.

  • Can I wear this compression brace under my football pads?

Yes, the shoulder brace is slim, easily fitting under clothing, including football shoulder pads.

  • Do I wear the shoulder brace under or over my clothes?

The Vive shoulder support brace is designed to fit under regular or loose fit clothing, or over tees and undershirts.

  • Will this work for either shoulder?

Yes! The shoulder brace easily adjusts for use on the left or right shoulder as needed.

  • What is the maximum arm and chest size?

The shoulder brace adjusts to fit arm sizes up to 19.25” and chest sizes 30” up to 49”. The extender strap can be used on either the arm strap for arm circumferences up to 25.20” or to the chest strap up to 56”.



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