Vive Health LSO Ice Packs Coretech


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Vive Health LSO Ice Packs Coretech

  • Gel Packs for Cold & Hot Therapy with your preferred Coretech Brace
  • Using the hook backing, secure the ice pack to your LSO after it has been cooled or heated. Attach the ice pack to your LSO brace, use one or both depending on the targeted area. 

Each latex-free gel pack is soft yet durable for extensive reusability.


Provides soothing cold or heat therapy to relieve pain and discomfort.


Fabric backing with a hook and loop system that allows you to secure the packs onto most LSO’s.


Includes a top and bottom ice pack to customize cooling and heating coverage depending on the LSO.

Cooling Steps

Gently knead the gel pack to ensure that its contents are spread evenly then lay flat in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. 

Remove from the freezer and secure it to your LSO using the hook backing.

Leave the pack on the area for no more than 15 – 20 minutes at a time. If used repeatedly, leave the pack off for at least 20 minutes before re-applying. Refreeze as needed. 

Heating Steps only by Microwave 

Gently knead the gel pack to ensure that its contents are spread evenly, this will ensure the pack heats evenly.

Place the gel pack flat in the microwave on a dry paper towel. Fold larger packs in half if needed to fit inside the microwave. 

Heat the pack at full power in 5-second intervals. Inspect the gel pack at each interval to make sure there is no leaking

If the pack is too hot, let it cool for at least 1 minute before use. Reheat as needed. 

*Do NOT heat by stovetop, only microwave.

*Do NOT Overheat, will lead to leaks and ruptures. 


The LSO Ice Pack is designed to switch between both warm and cool targeted therapy. Use the dual-sided fabric to personalize the temperature level. Quick and easy to apply, it helps minimize muscular discomfort and boost circulation to the area. Easy to clean materials can be wiped down with a wet cloth as needed.

What’s Included

– 1pc top gel pack 

– 1pc bottom gel pack 

Colors: Blue and Backing Black


Top gel pack: 25 x 18cm

Bottom Gel pack: 25 x 19cm


Top: 305 gr

Bottom: 430 gr

Material: Cold gel glycerol, PVC Nylon, TC fabric


Velcro straps

Works with the following products:

627 LSO: SUP2048BLK

631 LSO: SUP2025BLK

637 LSO: SUP2026BLK

456 TLSO: SUP2054BLK

PDAC Letters

RHB2062 PDAC Letter A9273



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