Vive Health Loop Toe Spacers (8 pack)


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Vive Health Loop Toe Spacers (8 pack)

Providing comfortable relief from toe and foot pain, the reusable Vivesole toe ring spacers gently separate and straighten the toes. Constructed with a premium silicone gel, the toe ring spreaders relieve pressure on bunions and reduce friction and irritation due to crooked or overlapping toes. These latex-free gel spacers have a soft, flexible band to comfortably hold them in place without slipping or sliding and can be worn before and after surgery to provide additional pain relief. Sized to comfortably fit with or without shoes, the reusable Vivesole toe ring spacers are interchangeable and easy to clean.


  • Reduces Toe Pain And Friction
    Gently separating toes, the Vivesole toe ring spacers securely fit between any two toes to reduce friction, pain and irritation. Comfortably held in place with a soft band of flexible gel, the spacers gently realign the toes to alleviate pressure on the ligaments and joints. The comfortable gel spacers provide targeted pain relief for overlapping toes, bunions, nail issues, soft corns or crooked toes. 
  • Realigns Toes To Relieve Pressure
    Separating and correctly aligning the toes, the resilient gel toe ring spreaders relieve pressure on bunions, corns and calluses. Use between crooked or overlapping toes to support proper positioning; relieving pressure, friction and pain.
  • Set Of Four Reusable Spacers
    Conveniently packaged as a set of four toe spacers to comfortably fit any individual. The set includes one large toe spacer for separating the big toe and one medium toe ring spacer for separating the second and third toe. Two small toe ring spacers are also included for separating the third, fourth and pinkie toe. 
  • Resilient Premium Gel
    Constructed with a medical-grade silicone gel, the toe ring spacers feature a concave design for maximum support and a soft, flexible band for a comfortable, nonslip fit. The resilient, latex-free gel separators can be worn with or without socks and shoes. Easy to clean, the interchangeable toe spacers are reusable for added convenience. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What’s Included:
    • One large toe ring spacer
    • One medium toe ring spacer
    • 60 Day Guarantee
  • Uses: For separating toes to relieve pain and friction
  • Material:
    • Medical-grade
    • Latex-free silicone gel
  • How to Wear:
    • Slide the flexible band onto the desired toe, fitting it securely against the base of the toe.
    • Position the spacer between the two problem toes.
  • Care Instructions:
    • Wash in warm water with mild detergent, rinsing well
    • Air dry completely before use


  • Will it fit on my big toe?

Because the toe band is flexible it will gently stretch to accommodate most big toe size, however, if it does not fit comfortably over your big toe simply wear it on your second toe with the spacer positioned between the big toe and second toe for relief.

  • Can I wear it between my fourth toe and pinky toe?

Yes, the small toe ring spacers are designed to comfortably fit between the last three toes.

  • Are they all different sizes?

Yes, there are three sizes in this set which includes one large, one medium and two small toe ring spacers.

  • Will these spacers keep my toes from rubbing together?

Yes! The toe ring spacers gently separate the toes eliminating painful rubbing and friction.

  • Can I wear them while skating or other activities?

Yes, the gel spacers can be worn with most shoe styles during any activity.

  • Could I use all four to spread out all of my toes on one foot?

Yes, all of the toe spacers can be worn on the same foot, however, it may limit your ability to wear some shoe styles. For another option, the toe separators easily separate all of the toes, stretching them gently to increase flexibility and further reduce pain.

  • Will this help a hammer toe as well?

Yes, the spacers will provide some relief for a hammer toe by gently separating it to relieve pressure and reduce friction.

  • Do I wear them on any toe?

Yes, the set includes a variety of sizes to comfortably fit on any toe.

  • Is this real silicone?

Yes! The toe ring spacers are made with a medical-grade silicone gel that is resilient for long-term usability.

  • Are they latex-free?

Yes, the medical-grade gel is latex-free.

  • What are the measurements for the spacer part?

Each spacer is concave, measuring 0.5″ wide at both the top and bottom and 0.25″ at the narrowest part. The spacers are also 1″ tall and 1″ deep.

  • Can I wear them on the left and right foot?

Yes! The toe ring spacers are designed to be interchangeable, fitting any toe on any foot.

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