Vive Health Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack

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Vive Health Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack


  • Perfect way to provide soothing, therapeutic pain relief to many problem areas
  • Including but not limited to the neck, shoulders, and knees
  • They are an ideal solution in both clinical and in-home settings because they are so easy, versatile, and effective in use
  • While doctors and therapists can utilize them as treatment in office, patients and injured persons can readily use the heat packs at home for convenient, moist heat pain relief
  • Provides up to 30 minutes of moist heat to relieve pain and stiffness
  • Heavy gauge cotton cover features strong stitching and color-coded straps
  • Each pocket is filled with a safe, clay bentonite mixture



  • For moist heat therapy at home and in clinics and provider settings
  • Relieves muscle pain and stiffness


  • Standard pack: 10” by 12”
  • Oversized pack: 15” by 24”


  • Heavy-gauge cotton
  • Bentonite clay with sodium silicate

How to Heat:

  • Before first use: Soak the hydrocollator pack by submerging completely in water for a minimum of two hours
  • Test the pack by gently squeezing each chamber to ensure every section is fully expanded

Microwave heating:

  • Place the hydrocollator pack in a microwave-safe container and cover completely with water
  • Heat on high power until the water temperature reaches 160 Fahrenheit
  • Leave the pack submerged in the heated water for 20 minutes before use

Stove top heating:

  • Place the hydrocollator pack in a large pan (enameled or stainless steel is recommended, as some aluminum pans may cause discoloration)
  • Cover the pack completely with water and heat until the water temperature reaches 160 Fahrenheit.
  • Leave the pack in 160 Fahrenheit water for a minimum of 20 minutes before use.

How to Use:

  • Carefully remove the hydrocollator pack from the hot water with the color-coded straps
  • Use the Vive hydrocollator pack covers (sold separately), towels or terry cloth covers to minimize contact between hot pack and bare skin

Care Instructions:

  • Frequent users: Store submerged in water until the next use
  • Infrequent users: Place in a plastic bag and store in freezer until next use
  • If left out to dry the inner clay will harden. The clay can be used again by soaking for 12 – 16 hours to reabsorb water


Neck Contour 24", Oversized 15" X 24", Standard 10" X 12"


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