Tranquility TopLiner Booster Pads

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Tranquility Premium TopLiner Booster Pads extend the wear time of incontinence garments so that you can go longer between changes. Designed to absorb their stated capacity before allowing additional fluid to pass through to the primary garment. This makes them ideal for pairing with disposable underwear or adult diapers, but they should not be worn in regular underwear. They are intended to be flexible so you can position them where you need extra protection; for women, this may be more toward the bottom, while for men, it may be more toward the front. An adhesive strip keeps the pad in place. Boosters can be folded and doubled for added protection but should not be cut. The cloth-like material is gentle against your skin and quiet when you move.

  • Flow-Through Design
  • Clothlike Backsheet
  • Adhesive Strip for secure placement
  • Adds capacity – Extends wear time allowing for uninterrupted sleep and social activities
  • Discreet – Clothlike material is gentle against the skin and quiet during movement
  • Helps prevent leakage from top, sides, and leg openings
  • Reduces changes of the disposable undergarment
  • Latex-free

Holds cups, not drops.

We get it using drops to communicate absorbency can be confusing. Tranquility values transparency, which is why we state our product’s full retention capacity on every package in cups. No more misleading raindrops. No more second-guessing how much each product can hold. We make it easy for you to feel confident in your chosen product.

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Heavy Absorbency

Topsheet Material

Cloth-like Topsheet

Backing Material

Cloth-like Backsheet








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