Roscoe Medical Jackson Roll Pillow for Neck Pain


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Roscoe Medical Jackson Roll Pillow for Neck Pain

The Roscoe Medical Jackson Roll is one of our most versatile fiber-filled support pillows. It is specially shaped to provide comfort and support for your neck, back, or under your knees. Perfect for traveling or at home!

This Lumbar Roll was designed for one purpose – to help you lead a pain-free life! Don’t let the agony and distress of aching joints and muscles slow you down. Support your spine, neck, and knees with our innovative round cushion bolster cushion and instantly feel better!

Product Features

  • SUPPORT FOR NECK, BACK, OR KNEES: The Jackson Roll-Style cushion is a versatile support pillow. It is a fiber-filled bolster pillow that can be used as a neck and cervical pillow, behind your back for lumbar support, or under your knees to help relieve back pain.
  • CUSTOMIZED SUPPORT: Roscoe’s therapeutic support pillows are designed to cater to your unique needs. With a variety of foam options, including memory foam for long-lasting support and molded firmer options, and a range of shapes to support knees, back, lumbar, and neck, you can find the perfect pillow for your comfort.
  • Invest in your health with Roscoe’s therapeutic pillows. They are more than just comfortable; they are a pillar of healthy posture. Providing firm support helps you maintain proper positioning while sleeping or sitting. This correct, cushioned, supported posture not only reduces pain but also helps prevent pressure sores or ulcers, contributing to your overall health. It’s a wise investment for your well-being.
  • SIMPLY THE BEST BACK PILLOW: The Roscoe Lumbar Roll is fiber-filled to support an ideal spine alignment while sitting and therapeutic sleep posture for a comfortable rest.
  • Experience the instant relief with our ergonomically designed pillow roll. It’s not just a pillow; it’s a solution to your pain. Whether you place it under your neck, back, knees, or ankles, it’s designed to reduce head, shoulder, neck, and back pain, providing you with instant relief you can count on.

Roscoe Medical PP3115 Roscoe Jackson Roll Pillow for Back Pain, Neck Pain

Weight 1 lbs


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