Bath Benches & Stools

The purpose of bath stools or shower benches for elderly people is to provide them with safety, comfort, and convenience while bathing. Bathing can be a challenging and risky task for elderly people who may have limited mobility, balance, strength, or coordination. They may face difficulties in standing, sitting, or getting in and out of the shower or tub. They may also be more prone to slips, falls, and injuries in the wet and slippery bathroom environment.

Bath stools or shower benches are devices that can help elderly people overcome these challenges and risks. They are seats that can be placed inside or outside the shower or tub. They allow elderly people to sit down while bathing, which can reduce fatigue, pain, and stress on their joints and muscles. They also provide support and stability, which can prevent falls and accidents. Some bath stools or shower benches have additional features, such as handles, backrests, armrests, or suction cups, that can enhance their functionality and comfort.

Bath stools or shower benches can also offer convenience and independence to elderly people who may need assistance with bathing. They can make bathing easier and faster, as they eliminate the need to bend, squat, or lift their legs. They can also allow elderly people to bathe by themselves, without relying on caregivers or family members. This can improve their self-esteem and quality of life.