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We Started Our Journey Caring For Patients In 1976

Our journey began in 1976 with People Care, a home care agency we opened to provide high-quality day-to-day care for our patients in the comfort of their homes. We sent professional caregivers to our people’s homes, ensuring they received the care they needed in a safe and comfortable environment. We put our patient’s well-being at the heart of every action with respect for their worth, comfort, privacy, dignity, spirituality, and freedom of choice to maximize their quality of life. Over the years, we put in an extensive effort to expand our agency, and it paid off. We helped thousands of people in the greater New York City region who needed our help with daily care.

After a successful and rewarding career providing home care services, we have seen a need for medical equipment in this sector. That’s when we decided to start a new chapter in our work: Pharmaquipt – a medical equipment shop where we provide all kinds of medical supplies to facilitate home care services for our patients. We are proud to be a part of your home care journey and will continue to provide our customers with the best quality products possible.

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After decades of providing efficient and reliable home care services, we have taken on an even greater challenge: providing top-of-the-line medical equipment and home care products to help make providing care even easier. This is how Pharmaquipt was born.

Over the past years, we have built Pharmaquipt into a premier medical equipment supply and home care products provider in the US. We provide the latest, most innovative medical products on the market, as well as quality customer service and support. Our extensive catalog of over 5500 products provides caregivers with all the tools they need in one place. 

Our mission is to make sure that everyone has access to the best medical equipment and home care products available, no matter where you are. We want you to feel confident in the knowledge that your loved ones are getting the highest quality of care.

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At Pharmaquipt, we understand the importance of knowledge and information for individual who are in the need of care, and caregivers as well.  Pharmaquipt is here to help you stay informed. We provide a wealth of educational resources and invaluable health information, empowering people to make informed decisions and achieve optimal well-being. Our blog features weekly articles about a variety of topics, from medical advice and product reviews to nutrition and lifestyle tips. Our healthcare professionals and product specialists provide in-depth information about our products, their uses, and the best practices for using them safely.

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No matter your needs, Pharmaquipt is here to help. Our knowledgeable staff strives to exceed customer expectations through quality products and exceptional service. We are proud to offer delivery and set-up of medical equipment, as well as instruction in its operation.

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